Abeln Genealogy    

USA now
In this chapter I will describe what we know of the genealogy of the Abeln families in the USA now.

How many en where?
In the USA live now about 200 Abeln+ x Abelen and 100(?) Abeling families. So there are about 400 Abeln surnames and 600 individuals with the surname Abeln/Abelen/Abeling. I doubt if all this Abelen and Abeling have their ancestors in the " Abeln area" (see germany now).

Below you can see the regional distibution of thia families in 1880 and 1920.

Genealogical Surveys by researchers
Diana Winter (St.Cloud USA): made the tree from Wippingen 1780 to the USA

Special documents

Emigration links
In this website presented links in the overview of the Abeln families:
* Maria Catharina Abeln ( b: 1785 in Garrel) died in Minster, Auglaize (USA)
* Niclaus Abeln (b:1798 in Werlte) went with wive and children to St Louis USA
* Gerhard Abeln (b:1845 in Walchum) went to Minnesota (USA) -> St.Louis

other links:
* Theodore Abeln born round 1810 bought in 1841 land in Illinois
* Maria Gasina Abeln born 1824 Meppen went in 1848 to the USA
* Maria Tecla Abeln born 1825 Lathen went in 1849 to the USA
* John Henry Abeln born in 1834 in Germany? went round 1857 to St.Louis
* Angela Abeln born in 1845 in Cloppenburg went in 1867 to Cincinnati
* John Albert Abeln born 1883 in Holland went in 1907 with his btothers to Berks USA
* Herman Abeln born round 1920 in germany went to Midlothian VA

Images of Abeln in the USA now:
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