Abeln Genealogy    

Nederland nu
In this chapter I will describe what we know of the genealogy of the Abeln Families in the Netherlands now.

How many en where?
In the Netherlands live about 150 descendant families and about 300 persons with the surname Abeln, Abelen or Abeling. I suppose that the most of them are descendants of the Niederstift Munter Abel(e)n. On the map you can see that this families entered the Netherlands in the North-East.

Abeln: 63 families Abelen: 34 families Abeling: 44 families

Genealogical Surveys by researchers

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Emigration links
Harm Hendrik Abelen/Abeling (b:1790 in Lathen) went to Nieuwe Pekela (NL)
Johan Gerard Henrich Abeln (b: 1801 in Nutteln) went to Appingedam (NL)
Abel Abelen (b 1824 in Wippingen) went to Odoorn/Emmercompascuum (NL)
= from this family: Rudolf Abelen (b 1932 in Erica?) went to New Zealand
Johan Herman Abeln ( b:1848 in Walchum) went to Zandberg (NL)
Gerard Henrikus Abeln (b:1894 in Apeldorn) went to Nieuw Schoonebeek (NL)
(see also the different German Abeln families)

Images of Abeln in the Netherlands now:
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