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In this chapter I will describe what we know of the genealogy of the Abeln Families in Germany now.

How many en where?
In Germany live about 600 Abeln-families mentioned in an internet telephone-guide.
I estimate that there are about 1200 Abeln persons in Germany.
75% lives in Niedersachsen, 10% lives in Nord-RheinWestfahlen and 15% in the rest of Germany.
Almost 65% of these 1200 Abeln lives within 50 kilometer of their roots in Emsland/Cloppenburg

Where live they? Abel Abels Abele Abelen Abeling Abeln
How many families ? 4700 1330 1900 30 240 580

You can see that Abelen, Abeln and Abeling are surnames in a specific area.
Thats is also true for Abels and Abele. So we see local forms for the son of Abel or Abele.
Round 1750 the Abeln in the Niederstift Münster used both Abeln and Abelen.

We see now that Abeln and Abelen live in different parts of Germany
In the recent past I didn't see in Cloppenburg / Vechta transitions between the surnames Abeln and Abeling
So it seems that the surnames Abeln, Abelen and Abeling are not related!

It seems rare that the Melstrup descendants in the Netherlands changed Abeln in Abelen and Abeling.

(thanks to Cristoph Stoepel for his map-tool)

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