Abeln Genealogy    

1570 Stapelfeld

In this chapter I will describe what we know of the genealogy of the Abeln Families from Stapelfeld.
This Abeln family was my ancestor

Stapelfeld is a village 5 km south-west of Cloppenburg. It was in the past a part of the municipality of Krapendorf.
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Genealogical Surveys by researchers
Maria Schroer (Cloppenburg DE): gives me information about the Stapelfeld Abeln-families
My father Jaap Abeln give me the basic information of the dutch tree starting in Appingedam

The "status Animorum 1749-1750": a count of all living in the Diocese Münster.
In this document there are different Abeln families in Stapelfeld and surroundings

Special documents
"Kammergueter in den uentern Cloppenburg und Friesoyhe", Vechta 1912
Point here for the text about Hof Abeln in Stapelfeld
This text describes the state of the farm of Abeln in the 17th century.
They were serf to the court and to the church.
There is also a description of the yields in some years and the names of the farmers:
1699: Johan Abeln and Gelze
1750: Rudolf Abeln and Maria Meijer

Emigration links
Johan Gerard Henrich Abeln (b: 1801 in Nutteln) went to Appingedam (NL)
I have yet no links to the USA

Family Tree
See the ascendents of Abel Abeln born in 1560 Stapelfeld
Point here for the Ancestortree of the first known Abeln in Stapelfeld
Open the known ancestor tree from Stapelfeld (pdf)

Stapelfeld now

Here are some pictures of the Stapelfeld Abeln Family

Joan Abeln *1858 with Maria Wienken.
Children: August, Johanna, Joseph, Johannes

Hof Abeln Stapelfeld in 1928

memorial stone in old farmhouse

Hof Abeln in Stapelfeld now