Abeln Genealogy    

Abeln Genealogy and its sources

We know the Abeln genealogy from different sources:

  • Genealogical surveys in archives done by different researchers
  • The "status Animorum 1749-1750": a count of all living in the Diocese Münster: .
  • Special documents:
    - "Kammergüter in den üntern Cloppenburg und Friesoyhe", Vechta 1912
    - "Freibauernurkunde" of 1394 .

The oldest places in Emsland/Cloppenburg were lived an Abel(e)n were:
1394 Wieste: near Wertle
1560 Stapelfeld: near Cloppenburg
1570 Melstrup: near Lathen
1680 Apeldorn
1683 Garrel

From this Abeln Families there are emigration lines to different parts of the word.

In the next chapters i will describe what we know of the genealogy of this Abeln Families with their different sources and their connections to the world