Abeln Genealogy    
The first abeln

The first known Abel(e)n lived more than 600 years ago in Emsland/Cloppenburg (now in Niedersachsen). 
In a document from the year 1394 the name Abeln is mentioned as  
" freibauer des Hummlings" (free farmer).

In the 17th century Abeln families lived in 5 villages near Lathen and  near Cloppenburg an Abel(e)n family 

It is not known if this families have one common ancistor.

Abel of Emsland/Cloppenburg.

The meaning of the surname Abeln is
"son of Abel". And Abel is as well a Germanic as a Biblian first name

The name Abeln and Abelen were in old documents both used. I saw it also in the archivs of Cloppenburg.

Bur there is also an Belgian surname "Abelen" with an other prounounciation and an other meaning: it are trees: white poplars.

In the family of Richard Ervin Abeln (from Salisbury, Missouri, U.S.A.) was told a tale that the Abeln were in the past Abel but that an ancestor of theirs added the "n" making it Abeln to distinguish his bunch from the common Abel.

I also heard a tale that the first German Abeln maybe was a Viking.

Sometimes -if there was no son- the oldest female Abeln gives the name Abeln to their childs

Abeln in Hümling now

Abeln has his roots in the region Hümling in Emsland/Cloppenburg in Niedersachsen Germany. And you can see it also nowadays.
65% of the present-day German Abeln families live in an area not more then 50km from the Hümling or better their roots.
- middle red dot = Wieste
- left red dot ==== Lathen
- right red dot === Cloppenburg