Abeln Genealogy    

About this Abeln Site

My first Abeln-site was created in the early days of internet in autumn 1996.
The first information was collected by my father Jaap Abeln. He knew that his his ancestors came from Krapendorf (DE) to Appingedam (NL). He made the ancestorttree of his ascendants in the Netherlands. My Father also surveyed the him unknown Abeln and Abelen who live in the surroundings of Emmen(NL)


Years after starting my first website I have now much more information.
The next months I will do a lot of things:
* creating a new website better to maintain and made with modern tools
* getting again a good position in Google
* updating my database with all information of Maria Schroer and Lothar Grafe
* updating my database with information sent to me by worldwide emails
* updating my database with new information found on internet
* visiting Stapelfeld/Cloppenburg
* starting a survey about the Abeln family in Wieste/Werlte

Ruud Abeln, 24 september 2005