Abeln Genealogy    

Welcome Abeln, all over the world.

The surname Abeln has his roots in north-west Germany.

In a document from the year 1394 "Abele zu Wieste" is mentioned as "freibauer des Hümmlings".

The first Abeln lived round 1600 in the regios Emsland + Cloppenburg round the Hümmling.
The surname Abeln was sometimes changed in Abelen or Abel.

There is no proof that all Abeln have one common ancestor.

My first Abeln-site was created in 1996 based on research of my father. There is now a lot more information about the first Abeln.

Specially the work done by Maria Schroër in Cloppenburg was very important. The contributions of Maria Schroër, Lothar Grafe and René Remkes are now visible for others

Lothar Grafe send new data about the Molbergen Abeln. .

Ruud Abeln, Den Haag,
september 2005

Hof Abeln, Stapelfeld 1928

Drechslerwerkstatt, Markhhausen 1880

  Emsland/Cloppenburg 1648